@Ease Psychiatry


Patients Reviews

The Doc actually listens to my concerns

Brianna L.
Admin is very responsive and easy to work with. My provider has been fantastic to work with. Attentive, responsive, gives sound advice and recommendations, takes into account my overall health and well being, and is cautious with a step by step approach to my healthcare.

Timothy S.
Dr. E is amazing! She constantly "gets" me. She's so easy to work with and has a great personality. And recently, when my regular pharmacy couldn't get my Rx, she sent it to a new place within just a couple of hours! Such a relief to work with a super nice professional.

Lori S.
Helpful and kind staff.

Desi K.
Awesome communication skills and special treatment for everyone very pleasant

Dana P.
Dr. E is a life saver! I've been through a lot of psychiatrists and De. E is one of the best. Professional, curious, determined, kind, persistent. Her dilegent pursuit of my my difficult and highly resistant depression and anxiety symptoms have given me a new lease on life and the first time in adulthood where I've been almost anxiety free!

Evan F.
The Dr. is thoughtful and patient. Her team always make me feel welcome, and helps keep me on track to make it to my appointments. Definitely give their office a call!

Sam M.
Easy to talk to and through

Natalie H.